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Off Dutch Soil

Holland is a country which is half below sealevel and protected by dikes. Every year, about 320.000 Dutch muskrats are being killed. This is necessary because they make their homes in watersides and dikes, which causes a great risk for the safety of the Dutch people. This costs around 31 million euro’s per year.

Because the pest control companies don’t want to be associated with the fur industry, all the dead muskrats are being destroyed. What a waste! There is a big opportunity here to make products out of ‘ecologic’ fur. The animals were being killed anyway, so they are not especially bred and killed for their skin. Four muskrats turn into one pair of nice warm gloves. The porcelain stud has a Delfts blue image of a muskrat. That way you can show what you are wearing; ecologic fur taken off Dutch ground.


Winner of the The Allumonde ring 2010, because of strong social relevance of the project.

The project is seen in expositions in Dordrecht, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Milan, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Rai in Amsterdam and Het Zeeuws Museum. Dutch, Chinese, Norwegian, Italian and French design magazines have written about it and also in the national newspapers NRC, Volkskrant, Trouw and Nederlands Dagblad. I have presented it on tv on Pownews and College Tour (for vice prime-minister Verhagen) and also to the commissioner of the Dutch Queen.

Copyright Eefje Sandmann