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The Kalash

Hidden deep in the mountains of Northern Pakistan a population called The Kalash is living. For the most part, the history of the Kalash people remains obscure and controversial. Most of them have light skin, blond hair and blue eyes and their way of life beholds influences of many religions and populations. This suggest many different DNA influences and an interesting story about how these people came to Pakistan. The Kalash have no written history, so it cannot be traced back. They say they are direct descendants from Alexander the Great. Many scientists speculated about their history, that they could have come from Greece, India, or Mongolia, or that they have been living isolated for so long they have become genetically distinct. But no one knows for sure and no one probably ever will.

I have created a new material, a mixture of glass fibre and porcelain. The material for me symbolizes the mixture of DNA, creating something that cannot be recognized as anything else. When you look at the material you don’t know if it’s glass, clay, plastic or something else. It is the same with the Kalash people. I have added, or I would rather say subtracted, all the theories scientists have about their origin.

Fibrelain, 2009

Copyright Eefje Sandmann